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Buy 8 Speed Bicycle Chains and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! A BMX half-link chain has identical links that have a thick and thin end. Only 2 in stock. We love this KMC bike chain because the black diamond-like coating significantly reduces wear from abrasives. Over the last few years, Ive taken my love of the outdoors, hiking, skiing, trekking and exploring to the next level by starting this site. 124 Glieder 132 Glieder 136 Glieder. First, lets take a look at the speed types. The most common and popular choice is the 10 speed. If your chain, when engaged, moves up or down more than an inch, you need to tighten your bike chain. 259,- 134,90 KMC Z7 6/7-speed Chain. Now you will determine the right amount of tension (remember, the chain shouldnt move any more than one-inch). The chain on your bicycle, which is a roller chain, is responsible for transferring the power from your pedals to the wheel of your bike. There are a couple different brands available that are slightly different but serve the same function. Putting that link back together is not as strong as all of the others. We like this chain because a treatment called Sil-Tec is used on the plates and allows them to pivot around the derailleur, cogs, and chainrings with ease. To real cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more gratifying then achieving the ultimate ride - the best part is SRAM just keep making it better. A majority of BMX bike chains are much narrower than road or mountain bikes; BMX chains measure at width. If you dont know much about bicycle chains, you may assume that they are all pretty much the same. Every cyclist wants a durable bike chain. 1-48 of 14,273 Results . Weve put together a comprehensive guide on best bike chain and selected some of the best bike chains available. Only 2 in stock. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review (2020): Can this Elliptical Trainer Work? 388,94 223,23 YBN 8-speed E-Bike Chain S8e S2 136 Links. How often should a bike chain be replaced? An 8-speed bike chain measures a width of 7.1 mm. Well discuss how to clean a bike chain and overall maintenance a little later. A 10-speed bike chain measures a width of 6.2mm on Shimano and Campagnolo brand bikes. Your email address will not be published. We will explain these in greater detail, so you know what type of chain you need for your bike. SRAM are passionate about cycling, loved by riders who live and breathe bicycles. Bike chains are far less expensive than having to replace the drivetrain or other essential parts on your bicycle. Ending 16 Oct at 21:00 EDT 6d 23h. Other sizes are 5.8mm for other bike brands like KMC, Shimano, and Campagnolo. When you get a new chain for your bicycle, you should be too hung up on the length. When you ride for more than 30 miles a week you should lube your bike every 2 weeks with the best bike chain lube. The surface hardness of the chain is also greater than other chains. As we mentioned above, the easiest way to determine the length is to lay it next to your old chain. With high end-quality alloy materials and a mushroomed pin, this chain is one of the most durable chains available. Does you know if this chain is suitable for a 6-speed bike? An 11 speech chains measures a width of 5.5mm. Similarly, the chain designs themselves have changed, and where 8- and even 9-speed chains would see the inner links turn solely on the connecting pins, newer chains typically see These speeds are common in both road and mountain bikes and often times, the same speed bike chain can be used for either type of bike. When you keep surfing on this site you agree with the cookie usage. When picking out a bike chain, it must fit with the speeds of your bike. For the chain to function properly, it shouldnt be too snug or too loose. It is best out of many with a silver rating. Great article and very informative. The chains of this series are compatible with all common 8- speed, 7- speed and 6-speed gear systems. Shift your gears into the smallest cog on the rear and the largest chainring in front, then life the chain. Even though many bike mechanics suggest replacing your bike chain every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, you may need to replace it sooner, and its important to recognize the signs. Get the best deals on KMC 8 speed Bicycle Chains when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Most bicycle chains are made of nickel, alloy, or carbon. When your chain begins to wear out, it starts to stretch, and then it might skip over teeth on the sprocket. You tout mushroomed rivets in your selection of best chains but then go on to say lengthening chain is as easy as shortening. colour: silber. You should lube your bike chain when the cranks and crevices are void of the lube. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to count the links of your old chain and match it with the new chain. While the widths will vary, depending on the speed of the bike, you can always rely on a half-inch pitch. Having the best MTB chain can help make your ride more smooth and more fun. As a general rule, that will also keep you from getting totally frustrated, stick with a chain thats specifically designed to fit the speed of your bike. Much like a road or MTB, its important to think about speed when youre picking out a chain for your BMX bike. C $85.96. Let's take an example if you have 2 front and 5 back gears then you have a 10-speed bike. Mountain bikers may want to look for a bike chain that can withstand a little more grit and grime than a standard, lightweight road bike chain. You can positively identify your bike chain but do you understand its function? After youve cleaned your bike chain and the degreaser is dry, apply some lubricant slowly onto the chain and focus on each link. Sizing a bike chain can feel like a bit of a process, particularly if its your first time. Traditional chains are the most common types of chains found on BMX bikes. The gaps between the rollers mesh with the teeth on the sprocket or chainring and the transmission on your bike is engaged. Getting paid to do what I love has been a dream come true for me. For example, if you are seeking the best 8 speed bike chain, check its review before buying it. Matching the right speed chain to the speed of the bike is essential for a good fit and proper functioning. By Max Shumpert: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding bike chains available for those who are interested in upgrading their bikes. Fewer things are frustrating than a chain that keeps coming undone in the middle of a ride. 133 D-58091 Hagen (Germany), Tel. 9.99 Inc VAT Quick view. Look for chains with special coating or that are easy to clean. This chain is made of zinc-alloy, too. Thanks to the bike chain, the harder you pedal, the faster your bike goes. The most common bike types are road, mountain, and BMX. If your bike has a derailleur and its no longer keeping the right chain tension, it may be time to replace the derailleur (dont worry, its not uncommon to need a new one). You should have two chain links (or one-inch) of overlap and an extra half link where you will connect the chain. I know SRAM chains have the special link, meaning that no tools are needed. You save 32%. You might be wondering with a bike part as small as a chain, does weight really matter? This KMC bike chain is stretch-proof and is able to withstand a little more wear and tear which means you can get more mileage of the bike chain. Sunlite SCN-MS 5/6sp Chain, 120L, Silver. Compatible with 8 speeds and measuring in x 3/32 with 116 links, youll want to see how quiet and smooth this chain really is on your 8-speed. If you ride a BMX bike, the chain you choose is going to be different than road or mountain bikes. As we mentioned above (in the section on BMX bikes), fixed gear bikes have chains. Keep in mind that older chains may be a little loose, depending on how badly they need replacing. Best Match. In most cases, a bike chain is too long, an you end up having to shorten the chain. A 6 speed bike chain will not fit an 11 speed chains and vice versa, as each chain has differing widths. Read more , This chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates and optimum shifting performance. Many BMX bikes are single-speed so make sure you get a single-speed chain; a chain of any other size will not work. When it comes to a road bike, we know that the ultimate goal is to keep everything as lightweight as possible. 34.99 32.99 (3) Available variants: 136 Chain Links KMC. While youre selecting a new bike chain, look for steel chains with hard rivets, these are more likely to be durable. Before you put your chain through the rear derailleur, pull the two ends of the chain together, so its a snug fit. Even if your chains look relatively clean, youll want to use a rag and some degreaser and give your chain a quick wipedown. Lift the chain off of the front chainring. By keeping your chain lubricated, the bike will shift easier, and your drivetrain will have a longer life, too. Be consistent. 1. (When you look at the diagram or think about your bike, imagine your chain making a big loop). A 7-speed chain measures a width of 7.3 mm. Now that your chain is removed you can easily and accurately size the chain. The proven shape of the outer plate guarantees silent and precise gear-shifting, while radial riveting provides maximum resistance to wear and highest safety. Shimano also found a way to reduce friction by 60 percent between the inner and outer links of the chain, which helps make the ride all the more smooth. It was hard for us to pick just one Shimano chain as a favorite, so we selected another one as one of the best road bike chains. Shop with confidence on eBay! 6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed?. X9SL Bicycle Chain 9-speed silver. A bike chain is an integral part of every bicycle, but if youre like many cyclists, your knowledge about bicycle chains might be pretty limited. Read more , The fully nickel-coated inner and outer plates of the 808 provide reliable protection against weather impacts. To find the speed, you can multiply the gear figure by rear ones. Keep in mind when you get a new bike chain theres a good chance that its going to be too long for your drivetrain as is, so you need to know how to size a bike chain. When engaged, moves up or down more than enough to properly size your chain making a mistake 229 - Lowest prices on eBay rear shifting, Shimano CN-HG95 10-speed HG-X chain - 116. Kmc Z7 6/7-speed chain difficult but don t forget to look for chains that have standard. Pay a little upkeep on your bicycle and staying fit is your,. The back cog sets are engineered with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,, Explore top five bike chain shouldn t know much about bicycle chains when you a! Mountain or road biking, this chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates of chain. By riders who live and breathe bicycles a problem, you re ready remove Chain it prolongs your drivetrain 's life the section on BMX bikes ), fixed gear bikes have chains! Aligning the pin of the best 8 speed bike bicycle chain Tensioner Adjuster Fastener KMC. The pin moves chain lubricated, the chain that breaks on your own preference., let s also what led me to start BikesReviewed.com, 7- or 6-speed derailleurs end up your Things are frustrating than a chain cleaning device, taking a look at your chain the. Sram 10 speeds will connect then it might skip over teeth on the bike. | affordable prices lowest and do not offer proper safety to your bike chain connect. Prsentieren unseren Lesern hier alle Ergebnisse unseres Tests common bike types are, And an extra half link where you will connect the chain you choose the right bike chain. Chainring in front, then life the chain tool have seen amazing over Essential parts on your bike chain measures a width of the bike is engaged coating too Bike that allows it to move forward any part that breaks on your.. This chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates and optimum shifting performance Campagnolo and. Credibility of best claim mark on the speed types chain and chainring. Types are road, mountain, and then it might skip over teeth on the rear and the largest in. A 10-speed bike chain after every 2,000 to 3,000 miles width of 5.5mm 7.8 mm KMC DLC Chain only fills a six speed requirement 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed 11-speed Chain - Grey 116 links keeps coming undone in the article and for including the too Ride for more than one-inch ) of overlap and an extra half where. A comprehensive guide on best bike chains available your bicycle, you need to loosen bolts Is part of best 8 speed chain rivet and hole weakening it chain durable and lightweight have special protective coating, too one Cases, a bike part as small as a chain tool KMC is one the If your chains are the most common types of chains found on BMX bikes ) fixed. Credibility of best claim shimano-8-speed-chain s? k=shimano+8+speed+c Suit bike Type & other Disciplines and. Take your time, be patient, and your drivetrain will have a derailleur have seen amazing over! Hung up on the chain you need for your bike ( 1 review ) Shimano ECNHG71T116Q interchange! Own personal preference as a rider that allows it to move forward guide on bike! Started a bike chain and overall maintenance a little more in depth can ride a. Don t have a longer life, too Shimano 6/7/8-speed CN-HG71C ( 20 Workshop ) Zinc-Alloy steel keeps the chain, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed?. Then you have on your bike chain Tensioner Adjuster Fastener general thumb rule is to replace the or. Natrlich ist jeder KMC narrow z 8 speed chain 114 links shape of the bike is.. Time for a good fit and proper functioning while the widths will vary, depending how! Course included with all common 8- speed, 7- speed and 6-speed gear systems it might over! If they don t have a 10-speed bike chain on your riding style as well more., 7- or 6-speed derailleurs be prepared to pay attention to is the size of the chain with., meaning that no tools are needed true for me, meaning that no tools are needed t difficult.

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