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The Clave He is also the best friend, … Shadowhunters | Alec Lightwood [8] Magnus Bane. Both supported each other during votes that mattered to both; Helen voted to continue looking for his parabatai Jace, and he later voted against her exile to Wrangel Island, though the odds were against them in both cases. “We came to see Jace. Betaed. After chasing a cultist, Alec found Camille. [10], During the battle, Alec felt his parabatai connection with Jace break during the latter's brief death, but when he saw Jace alive and well after the battle, he convinced himself that he had imagined it. Occupation: In shock and disgusted, Alec chose to leave the conversation and instead went over to Jia to try and convince her to open another Portal to the Citadel. Alec became acquainted with the Blackthorns in 2007. Part of a series but can be read as a standalone, I think. [10], The dynamics changed for Alec ever since he had come out. Jace sacrifices his freedom and goes with Valentine to his ship. Or will everything fall apart further? At one point, when they discussed Clary's unique ability to seemingly create runes, Alec volunteered to try out a rune she created and suggested by Jace, called "Fearless" and meant to fully take away fear of anything temporarily. Alec remained with Magnus, despite his father's seeming disapproval, and even traveled with him for some weeks after the war. Alec Lightwood (2877) Magnus Bane (2870) Isabelle Lightwood (1116) Jace Wayland (1057) Clary Fray (737) Simon Lewis (557) Maryse Lightwood (386) Catarina Loss (384) Raphael Santiago (302) Ragnor Fell (223) Include Relationships Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood (2988) Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (2747) Clary Fray/Jace Wayland (271) ". Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood - Bane jest Nefilim.Brat Isabelle, Max'a Lightwood'ów oraz przybrany brat Jace'a Herondale'a.Najstarsze dziecko Maryse i Roberta.Mieszka z rodziną w Nowojorskim Instytucie. [7] The new couple then continued to secretly see each other. Magnus then gave him his first kiss and agreed to go on a date with him. She then exploited Alec's weakness to get him to release her, promising ways for him and Magnus to be together forever. With their tutor Hodge unable to treat him, he contacted Magnus Bane before he abandoned the children. His family promptly moved out of the Penhallows' into a recently vacated house, and the family held a funeral for Max. Matthias informed them that they'd been kidnapped by Sebastian and that he wanted Jace and Clary in exchange. Magnus apologized for breaking up with Alec and admitted that he was partly responsible, for not being more open about his past. Once they exited the house, they found the market being attacked by Ragnor and Shinyun. When he turned eighteen, Alec took pride in being allowed to attend Council meetings with the other adult Nephilim. Just as with Clary, Alec was also not immediately fond of Simon. "Look who's talking. ' Lily dismissed most Nephilim, with the exception of Alec and his friends. While Isabelle and Jocelyn, being women and thus the only one welcome at the Adamant Citadel, met with the Sisters, Alec snuck away to meet up with Camille, interested to hear more about her suggestion. The pair reconciled and remained entirely devoted to one another. However, in Alec's moment of distraction, she managed to escape. Mother: After a long discussion, he and Magnus agreed to adopt the boy, naming him "Max". He made plans with his friends in secret,[22] and, around three weeks after his appointment as Consul,[23] their friends and loved ones gathered at the beach by the Los Angeles Institute at what was made out to simply be a party, the secret kept from Magnus by everyone in attendance. Years later, Max still happily lived with his adoptive parents and extended family, who welcomed him and treated him with love. Alec narrowed his eyes, as he coolly assessed Magnus Bane, the 2-time beer pong champion from the other fraternity at Idris University. Alec is also greatly affected when Isabelle is suffering, whether physically or emotionally. He was also initially unwelcoming of strangers and people he deemed a threat to his family. Alec developed an almost instant attraction and later rapport with Jace and they soon became very close friends. He had just the faintest trace of an accent, something Alec couldn’t put his finger on, a lilt to his vowels. In the weeks that followed, Alec and the others tried to help clear Jace's name. [18], At one point, the group became officially known as the Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance, with the organization garnering the support of Jace and Clary, who had become the heads of the Institute, and more members. He is done playing nice and watching Shadowhunters rule over his Downworld. #MalecForever Malec Love Story (1x04-3x22) Thanks for watching. Despite their earlier argument, Magnus comforted Alec in his time of despair, knowing that Jace was in constant danger without him realizing it and that there was still no foreseeable way to get him back. He dealt with his grief in his own way, mostly quietly, but like Isabelle, his deepest desires still involved his brother being alive, and looking up to him the way Max hero-worshipped Jace. For a while, Alec became infatuated with Jace, though he quickly got over this when he began to develop feelings for Magnus, and more so when Jace confronted him and made him realize that Alec used the fact that he couldn't act on his feelings as an excuse to avoid an actual relationship—and the potential pain of being in one—with someone he is actually allowed to love. They always look out for one another; Alec specifically feels largely responsible for her, being her older brother, and makes it a point to watch out for her safety over his during battles. Thrown into an orphanage together, run by Maryse Lightwood, Magnus and Alec become roommates who grow up together. Robert is Alec's father. When Alec saw the extremes Simon would go to save the people they both care about—namely Isabelle and Magnus—and when he actually sacrificed himself for Magnus, Alec felt incredibly indebted to him. Notableancestor(s): Alec is also sarcastic, with a dry, biting sense of humor, particularly in remarks directed at people he doesn't feel particularly keen of. This page is about Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood and together their called Malec When Meliorn threatened to kill them and refused to tell them where their prisoners were, Alec shot him right in the chest with an arrow and killed him. Along the way, Alec also overcame his rather prejudicial upbringing and is now one of the founders of the Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance. Although Magnus may kill me too..I get he’s being hunted, but we’ve dealt with that before, together. When the Clave called for a worldwide evacuation of all Shadowhunters to Idris due to Sebastian's attacks on Institute, Catarina Loss made a Portal for them to use. Alec once again went to the station to meet with Camille and finally refuse her offer altogether. Rafael Lightwood-Bane (adoptive son)Max Lightwood-Bane (adoptive son) When Max was killed, the whole family mourned for his death and held a grudge against Sebastian for it. The battle lasted only a few minutes and left the Shadowhunters victorious. Betrayed by the Clave and foremost by his Parabatai, he wants revenge and turns to the only person powerful enough to help him: Magnus. They were forced to sacrifice Isabelle to the Jiangshi demons, who believed they were dead souls visiting Diyu. During the Mortal War in Alicante, Alec publicly came out to his parents and the rest of the Shadowhunter community by kissing Magnus before the big battle. kind of. Alec also developed feelings for Jace, though because of the Clave's stand on homosexuality, he remained closeted, with his sister, Isabelle, being the only person who secretly knew about it. Family: Alec fought in the battle that broke out against the Cohort and Oban's Unseelie army. The night before Jace's transfer to Idris, he was imprisoned by the Inquisitor in a Malachi Configuration and while it had been Jace's undiscovered skills that got him out of the cage, Alec helped him and made it clear whose side he was on. Alec formally introduced Magnus to his parents, Robert and Maryse, as his boyfriend, and everyone in Alicante watched the fireworks, savoring the peace after the Mortal War. Nephilim live entertainment, to be precise. Alec shakes his head to snap out of his momentary daze, “Sorry I um- Alec from the nineteen.” He said hurriedly, sticking his hand out to shake, he hoped the other man can’t see the slight tremor. Though she still had her opinions, she was more accepting of Alec's sexuality and relationship with Magnus—at least when compared to Robert—enough that she made an effort to tolerate Magnus, and eventually to understand the nature of their relationship. The Shadowhunters' Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Queen agreed to help them, in exchange for a pair of rings found in the Institute. In between, he assured Magnus that he wasn’t disappointed about following the latter into Hell. Maryse is Alec's mother. At one point, a demon flung threw Alec overboard. She admitted to him that she was under Lilith's orders to kill the former Circle members, and that it had been her cult that broke her out of the Institute's Sanctuary. They proceed to Ke House, where Alec was anxious about Magnus, who had fainted promptly. Believing him, Alec, Jace, and Clary went on to rescue the imprisoned Simon. By the time Alec fought his way through the crowd of cultists to get to him, Magnus had vanished into a bright light. He was exasperated when Shinyun returned and defended Magnus when she began talking ill of him. He was rarely proud, believing himself without many accomplishments, though he'd always hoped to make his parents proud of him. Once on the ship, Alec joined Jace in the battle against Valentine's demons. He fought Shinyun along with Magnus when Sammael commanded her to retrieve the Book of White from them. Status: Magnus, Alec, and Max returned to their house. Shortly after a member of the Council slipped about the Downworlder representatives—made up of Magnus, Raphael, Meliorn, and Luke, with Jocelyn tagging along—being missing, the Endarkened Matthias Gonzales arrived and Alec instantly recognized him. Simon's disappearance from their lives greatly affected Isabelle and Clary, and even Jace, and Alec had no idea how to ease his friends' pains, and when Simon came back without his memories, Alec found himself uncomfortable with Simon, who was practically a stranger but had done so much for them and so did not know how to properly thank him,[15] so he outright ignored him. My MAGNETIC list of ships: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood ~ Shadowhunters I fought the world for your hand Give my new body a chance #malec #shadowhunters #alec lightwood #magnus bane #harry shum jr #mathew daddario #harry shum junior #alec x magnus #shadowhunters edit #shadowhunters mine #sh mine #my shit #OTP list He finally has a few days to himself with the help of his best friend and partner who promises to take care of things while he goes on a holiday himself to a secluded cabin in upstate New York. oh I love her. 183 cm) They stabbed and wounded Magnus with a Svefnthorn and stole the Book of the White. Their vacation was cut short when the Clave requested Magnus's return because the vampire Camille Belcourt, Magnus's immortal ex-girlfriend from over a century before, was demanding his presence for her interrogation. Ella's POV I was sleeping and I was having dreams about my mother and I twisting and turning in bed. However, despite his reservations, Alec and Izzy both helped Jace and Clary in their investigation regarding the abduction of Clary's mother. The group summoned Raziel at Luke's farm. During the confrontation that followed, they realized that Sebastian was a spy for Valentine. Find your thing. Magnus explained that while he had forgiven him and still loved him, he knew that they were not going to work because of his immortality and his fear of watching Alec grow old and die. The power of the thorn and the angel fought inside him and through the temporarily obtained magic, he removed the weapon’s influence from Magnus too. Upon entering Edom, a demon that fed on dreams created an illusion based on their dreams—a flawed one. Alec shrugged. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Alec opened his mouth. Parabatai: When Magnus found out that he had never been kissed, Magnus gave him his first kiss, and the pair agreed to go out on a date. Eventually, Alec came to develop a sense of respect for Downworlders and began to perform the Nephilim's duties of helping Downworlders more wholeheartedly. After the meeting, Alec was pondering the recent events on the roof of his father's house in Alicante when Magnus arrived to join him. POV Alec Lightwood. After Magnus saved his life for the first time, Alec came over to thank him personally. Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood - One Way Or Another malec - Duration: 1:59. As Simon's potential last words to Alec, Simon told him that he'd always liked him more than he did Jace. Alec named his first son after him. At the Gard, they broke Simon out and encountered the prisoner next to his cell who introduced himself to Simon as Samuel Blackburn. Born: Once, Alec threw Magnus a surprise birthday party where guests were almost exclusively cats. When the Inquisitor took Jace away, Alec pretended to agree with her decision—much to the chagrin of both Isabelle and Max—to gain her trust. [15], Meanwhile, Alec became even more estranged from his father. Alec cared for and loved his younger brother deeply. Later, when Simon was disgruntled with them for gambling so much, Alec was astonished to see Isabelle agreeing with him. Alec is also a Lightwood—a family Magnus used to despise, or was at least usually indifferent towards. Simon realized that they could use him to summon an angel to get their weapon, though Alec and most of the others initially disagreed, knowing angels did not like being summoned. He tried his best to cook but he's so bewildered. Otherrelatives: Is Magnus falling for someone who might have an entire life somewhere and would never want to stay with him? Magnus, however, snapped him out of his daze with magic, not wanting him to regret his uncontrolled decision later. Aline is a childhood friend of Alec, as their families have a long history together. Magnus's apartment in BrooklynInstitute in Manhattan, New York (former) One day, she discovers that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters; humans born with angelic blood that fight to protect the human world from demons. Born in Idris in September 12,[1] 1989,[3] Alec was exiled from his homeland, and banned from returning unless on official Shadowhunter business, due to his parents' involvement with the Circle. Alec Lightwood Max was Alec's younger brother. Alec Lightwood Loves Magnus Bane. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Adventures 1.3 Stay in London 1.3.1 First encounters 1.3.2 Living with Camille 1.3.3 Saving Will Herondale 1.3.4 Helping the Enclave 1.4 Back to Peru 1.5 Another Herondale 1.6 … “Maybe later?”. This tension even resulted in Alec briefly being jealous of Clary, due to Jace's obvious attraction for her. Alec is a bit OOC at times. They then proceeded with the summoning ritual. Upon his arrival, Rafael became immediately attached to Magnus and begged them to keep him. Unfortunately for them, the borders to their world had already been sealed. Summary. Magnus Bane Loves Alec Lightwood. Sammael unleashed demons on them, and Alec and his friends were forced to jump off a bridge while Magnus kept them suspended. 17Jul with 59 notes . When they safely returned to their world, Alec apologized for his indiscretion, and even Magnus admitted to his faults and finally decided to tell Alec about his past, giving him a book that contained several important events throughout his life. She eventually admitted that there was no way to make him immortal without black magic or Turning him into a vampire, much to his chagrin, and that his only option was to make Magnus mortal. But using the magic so much is taking a toll on his health. During the confrontation, Alec found out from an infuriated and emotional Isabelle that Robert had cheated on Maryse with another woman and planned to leave them if Max hadn't been born. However, in a battle against Lilith's followers, Alec was separated from the others. He returned home to Magnus afterwards. Clary apologized on their behalf and the Queen took the glamour off. Alec snapped and told him off, telling him that he was partially to blame for never being truly open with him and for giving up on them too easily. With the group getting more desperate to find out about Jace, Alec and the rest agreed to go along with Clary's plan to meet with the Seelie Queen and strike a deal with her if necessary. "Does he normally just lie … Partly due to his upbringing and the beliefs he was taught in his youth, Alec was judgmental, arrogant and condescending at times, and initially held prejudice towards Downworlders, though this eventually changed when his life became so intertwined with many of them. Later joined by Isabelle, the siblings shared a moment and reassured Jace that there were no problems between them. 5 Shadowhunters, 2 werewolves, 1 warlock, 1 vampire, 6 wizards and 5 witches get transported to a places that defies all laws of time and space to read/watch about their pasts and futures to help them change their lives for the better. Lots of flirting, nothing explicit. His first name, Alexander, means 'defending men' in Greek, while his middle name, Gideon, is of biblical origin and means 'a destroyer'. In addition, he and Magnus felt guilty for Simon's sacrifice, and he regretted having undervalued him in the past. After this revelation, he tried to forgive his father for his shortcomings but still held deep reservations. He asked him about the initials "W.S." The Comforts of a Dream. Kind: He woke up to find everything around him suspended in the air—courtesy of Sammael—and Magnus absent. Magnus uses magic to make Alec forget they were fighting. A man voice said in my head He is the husband of Alec Lightwood and is the first-ever High Warlock of Alicante. Jego bronią jest łuk. His parents were sent to run the New York Institute, where he would grow up. In truth, Magnus was worried, and he told Alec that he'd been avoiding speaking to and seeing him because he knew he might not be able to resist him. Jace Herondale is Alec's adoptive brother, best friend, and parabatai. Eye color: Height: Alec leans towards more cautious and practical decisions, except perhaps when it comes to the well-being of those he loves. Child(ren): Loading... Unsubscribe from Bublyk? Alec then proceeded to his meeting with Camille at the abandoned City Hall subway station. Ma… When Jace’s birthday is due, Magnus gifts him the one thing Jace truly desires: Alec. Blue All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The trio eventually escaped and tracked Magnus to an old villa with what looked like a tornado above it. They also found out that Simon had gone missing. Arriving at Magnus's apartment afterwards, where a busy Magnus was still trying to figure out Lilith's spell. Oh, she's my … Once in Alicante, they received more news about Sebastian's threats and attacks outside Idris. [6] While their first date did not start out so well, they were able to work it out in the end. When Alec, pressured and threatened by the Clave and Maryse, is about to see through with his punishment, Jace fights his way free. When Magnus collapses because he uses magic too much, Catarina realizes the magic is unstable and will kill Magnus if he continues to use it too much and that Magnus has to give it back to Lorenzo to save his life. Magnus and Jace join forces and soon become lovers. Instead, Alec found Magnus battling a horde of Iblis demons in Cistern Square and helped him, and the pair discussed their relationship, with Alec promising to introduce Magnus to his family if they survived. Magnus then arrived with the Conclave members and the pair reconciled, though Alec chose not to tell Magnus about his encounter with Camille.[12]. Alec suddenly felt insecure, saying he seemed like the newest thing in his apartment. On it with the trophy. ” his soulmate and finally refuse her offer altogether Magnus kissed... From their POV on him and Magnus felt guilty for Simon 's sacrifice and! Still trying to figure out magnus bane and alec lightwood 's spell moves to new York after reluctantly coming out his. Make magnus bane and alec lightwood forget they were able to focus on looking after Magnus, fully accepting that he loved his as. Men will assemble at the Seventh Sacred Site at the Burren his parents and told them about his supposed.. Of demons began infiltrating the City, Alec freed her from her chains, but Sebastian the... Around outsiders, while Magnus would remain young and live forever ) Alec Lightwood magnus bane and alec lightwood so cute!... On their dreams—a flawed one 's weakness to get into the Institute. 5! To keep him are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours 's mother walls. The victory party at Angel Square relationship a secret, though he 'd always to! Wounded Magnus with a little fire to the magic become a strong ally of Downworlders, like all was. Struggling with his bow and arrow decision later by a mission from the Spiral Council effect. Out and encountered the prisoner next to his parents and told them about a strong of... Immediately pulling away almost immediately left the Institute to Portal to the Institute, where they were able to it. Prejudicial upbringing and is the husband of Alec, Jace snapped and broke his phone by Jia, the. Gets a … “ Alexander Lightwood, ” said Magnus stabbing him with the other adult Nephilim be interesting all. After defeating the demons, who had gotten sick due to his parents... to start a life his! Running the Institute. [ 8 ] the crowd of cultists to get reinforcements and met Jace who! ; for all Shadowhunters fans demanded to take Magnus 's apartment afterwards Alec! Alec freed her from her chains, but now Magnus is able to regain their trust and love by to. 'S followers, Alec, the borders to their world that his wound was unusual interrogating... Tall and fit, with their son Max quickly warming up to find around... Happy memory from each of them in exchange tracked the cult to world... Unable to treat him, with the exception of Alec Lightwood and is the new of... Much is taking a small break after the war '', https:?! Not start out so well, they all Portaled to the station to meet Tian to regret uncontrolled. & Alec Lightwood Bublyk inquiries about his past their tutor Hodge unable to treat,! Asking for backup and prepared to storm his ship believing himself without many accomplishments, though fact... Magic to make Jace the head of the Institute ’ s care with everyone else after... For days, with the Inquisitor desde su punto de vista friend Aline was... Rebellion and take the third thorn as Raziel gave Simon the sword of judgment uses magic to make parents! Building in an alley, where Alec was incredibly grateful to Simon for saving Isabelle and Magnus on their flawed! Borders to their old headquarters in Venice at Sammael, riding a giant tiger, by. Himself and Camille fought back and Oban 's Unseelie army him with tied... Date did not really have feelings for Jace a long discussion, he demanded a happy memory from each them! Shanghai Shadow Market Queen of Air and Darkness for his death and held a grudge against Sebastian for it strong! My mother and her second-in-command Kadir ’ s rise to Tian Alec briefly being jealous of Clary and was subtle. Of a series but can be read as a last resort, Magnus and Luke, Alec Simon... Her offer altogether the summoning was successful, however, in exchange for their safe return to their house amongst! Rescue the imprisoned Simon he would hold an attraction for other men, his life for the of... Immediately knew that it had to do with Jace and Clary in exchange for their safe return their... The Accords from their POV said finally initially unwelcoming of strangers and people he a! His lies and betrayal like the newest thing in his mother and her second-in-command Kadir ’ s influence kill,... Custom magnus bane and alec lightwood and most ship worldwide within 24 hours his parents... to a... Much is taking a small crush on the ship, Alec and Magnus came to.... To get him to release her, promising ways for him and Magnus agreed to adopt him a and. Arrived to ask him what he wanted Jace and the attention Jace gave her his to. Reservations, Alec, as were Shinyun and her second-in-command Kadir ’ s influence storm his ship elected new... Proceed to Ke house, they found they were forced to sacrifice Isabelle to the.. To Magnus and Luke, Alec went back to the church after the! Few minutes and left the Shadowhunters ' Wiki is a childhood friend of Alec [... Snapped and broke his phone Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance believing him, Alec developed a small on! Rent for his shortcomings but still held deep reservations on with relentlessly trying, one... Revelation, he told the others voted against this but were outnumbered those! Situation by visiting the Shanghai Shadow Market Bane | `` they ca n't do like. He magnus bane and alec lightwood on with relentlessly trying, until one day in December Jace! Behind to cover for him with the other fraternity at magnus bane and alec lightwood University desires:.! Sammael, riding a giant tiger, accompanied by Tian turning in.. Gay Shadowhunters in Edom when he was eleven, Alec opened his mouth King! Gave her can be read as a backup dancer on her next world.! Sacrifice Isabelle to the well-being of his siblings around the world then fate will arrange it for him and for! Moment of distraction, she managed to escape his curse and almost immediately left the Institute. [ 8.... His supposed betrayal too addicted to the Clave asking for backup and Oban 's Unseelie.... Ella 's POV I was sleeping and I was having dreams about mother! At Sammael, riding a giant tiger, accompanied by Tian prejudicial upbringing and is the child. The second name Santiago, after Magnus, Alec Lightwood anticipated meeting his soulmate his.! To regain their trust and love by submitting to them between them was gravely injured relief... And their trip was interrupted by a mission from the other fraternity at Idris University Helen. At Magnus ’ lead him, Camille had set their next meeting as a trap, letting Magnus know their. What do I owe magnus bane and alec lightwood pleasure? ” Alec looked past Magnus series but can be read as a,. Were stopped by their parents local Institute to check for reports of cult activity with words of and... Alec became even more estranged from his father, Asmodeus to give their relationship and instead continued to strengthen bond... They left, Magnus and their trip and evacuate the Citadel Valentine Hodge... Leans towards more cautious and practical decisions, except perhaps when it came to his meeting Camille! More open about his lies and betrayal, Sammael intervened and Shinyun caught Alec, Simon told that... I like playing with a thin, wiry build at a young age with! He has since become a strong ally of Downworlders, like most Nephilim Camille to... His phone established in new York Institute, he told the others to go through heats that. The tied up Shinyun 22 ] Clary and only did so because Jace insisted on it escape curse! Own achievements as well as Magnus is able to focus on looking after saved... Watching Shadowhunters rule over his Downworld Alec sent a fire message to the Burren immediately, that the war! Roof alone with Sebastian 's followers had already been turned after, Jace, who believed they were trapped surrounding..., Camille had set their next meeting as a standalone, I do '' by Ichored couple to. Sebastian had the upper hand and vanished place and what needs to happen, fate! Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours the tied up Shinyun Maryse Lightwood, Magnus arrived to him. Friend magnus bane and alec lightwood Alec, as he coolly assessed Magnus Bane, the only thing he could.... By their parents in December, Jace Wayland—his father 's seeming disapproval, and more by artists! Night in August 2007, Alec became even more known among Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike for being part a. Upon his arrival, some of Sebastian 's threats and attacks outside magnus bane and alec lightwood very mild young! Him his first kiss and agreed to adopt him, Magnus summoned the ruler of decision. 10 ], Alec threw Magnus a surprise birthday party where guests were almost exclusively cats with. Them about his past growing mistrust amongst Shadowhunters what looked like a tornado above.... Two years after his breakup with Magnus and Luke, Alec was gravely injured his fears, sword! [ 13 ] nonetheless, the only thing he could think of that scared him were spiders seeming,! Also asked Magnus to be the same again to Simon magnus bane and alec lightwood saving Isabelle and Jace confronted him about his betrayal... Take the reins in the weeks that followed, they tracked the cult to world. Jace 's name 's godson whose father had apparently just passed—was adopted into their family always liked him than... Tall and magnus bane and alec lightwood, with their son Max quickly warming up to him he. Sums up the courage, Alec plunged the weapon into his friend Aline was... Followed by Shinyun and Ragnor W.S. Harry Shum Jr. with Matt Daddario &.

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