what happened to the costa concordia

On January 13, 2012, the Concordia left Civitavecchia, Italy, at approximately 7:18 pm. [28][29] At 22:10, Costa Concordia turned south. In a first step to prevent pollution of the shore and assist in a refloat the ship, her oil and fuel tanks were emptied. The ship's captain is being tried for manslaughter, causing the … The drifting Concordia eventually ran aground near the shore. "[308], De Falco's exasperated order to Schettino, "Vada a bordo, cazzo!" [36] The normal shipping route passes about 8 km (5 mi) offshore. [270] A third was in a submerged part of the ship, difficult to reach. The cost of removing the 80-tonne boulder is estimated at £40,000. At 04:46, the evacuation was noted as "complete" on the Port of Livorno's Harbour Master log. The cruise ship Costa Concordia lying on its side after running aground off Giglio Island, Italy, 2012. During the 19-month trial, prosecutors claimed that he was an “idiot,” while Schettino countered that his actions had saved lives and that he was being scapegoated. The New York Times called the incident "a drama that seemed to blend tragedy with elements of farce". [25][258] They were questioned on 14 January. [260] On 23 February, two additional charges, of "abandoning incapacitated passengers and failing to inform maritime authorities" were levied against Schettino. [267], On 22 February 2012, four officers who were on board and three managers of Costa Cruises were placed formally "under investigation" and "face charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and failing to communicate with maritime authorities". Schettino attributed the final grounding of Costa Concordia at Punta del Gabbianara to his own effort to manoeuvre the ship there. Schettino, however, downplayed the damage, only noting that the vessel had experienced a blackout. [140], The wreck came to rest on a rock ledge and there were concerns that she might slide into deeper water. [60], Corrado Clini, Italy's Minister of Environment, said that saluting, a "custom that has resulted in an outcome visible to all", should no longer be tolerated. [169] The operation, one of the largest ever ventured,[8] was predicted to take from seven to ten months, depending on weather and sea conditions. [103] On 3 February, Franco Gabrielli, the head of the Civil Protection Authority, told a meeting of residents of Giglio that the ship would be "refloated and removed whole" and not cut up for scrap on site. The vessel was on the edge of an underwater cliff, leading to worries that the ship might slip and break apart, causing an oil spill. [83] One of the missing crewmen, a waiter, was last seen helping passengers. In addition, divers marked their route by trailing a line to be used to lead them back out in low visibility[citation needed] and positioned extra emergency air tanks within the ship. [200] On 23 July 2014, Costa Concordia began her final journey to the Port of Genoa. [243] Pier Luigi Foschi, CEO of Costa, told a Senate committee hearing "we believe that the wreck can no longer be put in use. [3][4] About 300 passengers were left on board, most of whom were rescued by helicopter or motorboats in the area. [242], Industry experts believed the ship to be a constructive total loss early on in the salvage efforts, with damages of at least US$500 million. Gabrielli said, "Our first goal was to find people alive ... Now we have a single, big goal, and that is that this does not translate into an environmental disaster. I had done the move three, four times. [148], All operations planned for the wreck, including defuelling, were conducted jointly by Costa Cruises and the Concordia Emergency Commissioner's Office. Human remains have been found on the wrecked Costa Concordia, possibly answering what happened to the last two missing people from the … During this time, work also began to remove the vessel in what was the largest maritime salvage operation in history. [162][163], With defuelling complete, removal of the wreck began. [102] On 29 January, the operation was suspended because the ship had shifted 3.8 centimetres (1.5 in) in six hours and because of high waves. [143] On 2 February, the ship shifted 8 centimetres (3 in) during seven hours. [241], On 23 February 2012, the Environment Ministry announced it would be "taking legal action" against Costa Cruises regarding a "possible" claim for "possible environmental damage" and the cost of salvage. [5][6] Despite receiving its own share of criticism, Costa Cruises did not face criminal charges. [88] Divers would find a path into the ship and tie down obstacles such as mattresses, before making noise to alert trapped people. [105] On 22 February, guided by information from passengers as to where bodies might be,[106] divers found eight additional bodies in the wreck. Four specialists were ordered to review the VDR data and relate their conclusions at a 21 July 2012 hearing. By 12:00 am on January 14, the Concordia had a severe list, making the release of lifeboats difficult and forcing many to use ladders. Although a six-hour rescue effort brought most of the passengers ashore, 33 people died - 27 passengers, five crew, and later, one member of the salvage team. "[24] Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi praised the crew and personnel, despite difficulties resulting from the apparent lack of direction from the ship's officers and problems in communication. [249], Judge Valeria Montesarchio summoned survivors to testify at a hearing to be convened on 3 March in Grosseto. The main activities included ocean floor cleaning, anchor block removal, grout bag removal, and platform removal. In September 2012, Lloyd's of London awarded the title of Seafarers of the Year recognising the best professional sailing and ship to the Costa Concordia crew for their exemplary behaviour during the shipwreck which saved most of the ship's passengers. [194][195][196][197][198][199] As of 20 July 2014[update], the ship had re-floated 7.5 metres from its supporting platform, with 6.3 metres remaining. [111], The search for the two still missing bodies continued after the ship was uprighted on 17 September 2013. "Le telefonate della Capitaneria a Schettino "Comandante che fa, vuole tornare a casa? [317] Every week, all the lifeboats on one side of the ship are launched for a test. [69][70][232] Other nationalities include 170 Indonesians,[233] 12 British nationals,[citation needed] 6 Brazilians,[211][234] 3 Russians,[235] and an unspecified number of Colombian, Peruvian, Spanish, Honduran and Chinese. [298], Coverage of the shipwreck dominated international media in the days after the disaster. The new muster policy consists of 12 specific emergency instructions, which include providing information on when and how to don a life jacket, where to muster and what to expect if there is an evacuation of the ship. [179] The salvage plan included the following operations:[180], (1) Funnel (chimney) is removed and a submerged platform is built to support the ship. ", "Costa Concordia: Captain drove ship 'like it was a Ferrari', says former skipper", "Most of the Costa Concordia's crew were entertainers or bartenders, not qualified seamen", "Not fair, say Indian crew – Comments hurt Costa staff", "Italy cruise ship Costa Concordia aground near Giglio", "Captain arrested, 41 missing after Italian cruise disaster", "Fermato comandante. Some 10 minutes later the coast guard contacted the ship again, and at this time the crew admitted that the vessel was taking on water. With Giglio Island lying in a protected marine area, environmental issues relating to the Concordia wreck were of particular concern. As the Concordia approached Giglio Island several hours later, it deviated from its standard course, moving closer to the small Tuscan island for a maritime “salute,” a common practice that included the cruise ship sounding its horn; the Concordia had performed several in the past. [317] Launching systems must enable the lowering of the lifeboats under 20° of list and 10° of pitch.[317]. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Omissions? The president of Costa Cruises, Gianni Onorato, said normal lifeboat evacuation became "almost impossible" because the ship listed so quickly. [305], Newspaper Corriere della Sera stated that Italy owed the world a "convincing explanation" for the wreck and called for harsh punishment of those found responsible. They were the remaining survivors. [35] "I was navigating by sight, because I knew those seabeds well. The Costa Concordia was owned by Costa Crociere, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & PLC. The 'Costa Concordia disaster' is often associated with Titanic in public view. [291][292], The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the European Cruise Council (ECC) and the Passenger Shipping Association adopted a new policy requiring all embarking passengers to participate in muster drills before departure. [285], Costa Cruises at first offered to pay Schettino's legal costs but decided later that they would not do so. [261] His pretrial hearing was scheduled for 20 March. [183], In June 2012, a barge was put in place, and the removal of her radar, waterslide and funnel began before stabilisation of the ship to prevent further slippage down the sloped seabed. [82] The deputy-mayor of Isola del Giglio, Mario Pellegrini, who went on board as part of the rescue operations, praised the ship's doctor and a young Costa Concordia officer, Simone Canessa, the only officer he met on board, for their help. [202] [275], Lawyers for the victims declared the sentences as shameful and said they might appeal to overturn the plea bargains that allowed reduced sentences in return for guilty pleas. [32] In contrast, on 3 February, the chief of the Italian Coast Guard testified that the final grounding of the ship at Punta del Gabbianara may not have been related to any attempts to manoeuvre the ship[33] and the ship may have drifted simply due to the prevailing winds that night. The crew consisted of citizens of 20 to 40 countries. [69] Three people reportedly drowned after jumping overboard, and another seven were critically injured. [103], Poor weather conditions could have caused a spill of oil from the ship. [110], On 15 January 2013, the final two bodies were thought to have been located (those of a female passenger and a male crew member), but they reportedly could not be recovered, because their location near the stern made their recovery inaccessible until the ship could be rotated. [70][84], At 03:05, 600 passengers were evacuated to the mainland by ferry. [204][205] This project is also known as phase WP9. Mayor Ortelli has now said, "It's a very nice show to see, the ship all lit up when you see it from the land. More than 4,200 people were rescued, though 32 people died. An assessment of the damage revealed that five compartments, including the engine room, were flooding, and the ship soon lost power. The operation (from June 2013 onwards) was delineated by Costa's Cristiano De Musso, Head of Corporate Communications, according to the following plan: Securing wreck site and protecting environment. 12/117 Magistrate in Charge of Preliminary Inquiries", "The final moments of the Costa Concordia: Graphic", "Cruise captain 'committed errors', say ship's owners", "Costa Concordia: Harbour master's log shows how the disaster unfolded", "I'm a hero, not a coward says Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino", "Costa Concordia, "tutti salvi se Schettino non-avesse tardato a dare l'allarme, "Schettino ammette: ho ritardato l'allarme. Carnival Corporation later increased the estimated financial impact in fiscal year 2012 to include a reduction in net income of $85 million to $95 million, an estimated insurance excess of an additional $40 million, and $30–40 million in "other incident related costs". [288], On 18 January 2012, the Chairman of the United States House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure announced that it would hold a hearing, conducted jointly with the committee's Maritime Transportation Subcommittee, to "review the events of this specific incident, current safety measures and training requirements". He appealed the verdict, but it was upheld in May 2017; Schettino began serving his sentence shortly thereafter. "Francesco Schettino: the captain who refused to return to ship", "Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino 'fled packed ship', court told", "Costa Concordia: cruise ship captain 'cried like a baby, "Costa Concordia: Giglio official 'never saw Schettino, "Bryan Burrough on the Costa Concordia Captain's Deadly Error and the Dramatic Rescue That Saved Thousands of Lives", "Affonda la Costa Concordia I soccorritori a porto Santo Stefano", "Costa Concordia disaster: Italian government reaction 'low key, "Costa Concordia disaster: Rescuers blast holes in search for missing", "Italian coastguard heard pleading with liner captain", "Italy cruise ship disaster: maritime authorities point finger at ship's captain", "Diving in the ghostly labyrinth of Concordia Concordia", "Strain tells as Italian crews scour stricken liner", "Ship Passengers Tell of Delayed, Then Panicked, Evacuation", "Survivor says Concordia captain made a 'tragic error, "Italian Cruise Ship Wreck: Number of Missing Now 29", "Cruise Ship Rescue Ops Suspended Off Tuscany in Rough Sea", "Costa Concordia rescue divers resume search", "Captain to go under house arrest in Italian ship disaster", "2 more bodies recovered from Costa Concordia", "Costa Concordia: blame game begins between cruise ship owners and captain", "Italy Urged to Curb Cruise Ship Routes After Accident", "Costa Concordia: Body found, bringing toll to 16", "Costa Concordia will take 10 months to be removed", "Costa Concordia Wreck May Take as Long as 10 Months to Remove", "Italy Ends Search For Underwater Missing in Wreck", "Costa Concordia divers find eight bodies in wreck off Italian coast", "Divers find eight more bodies on shipwrecked Costa Concordia", "8 bodies found on doomed Italian ship; 7 employees investigated", "Robot-Like Equipment to Aid Search for Ship Bodies", "Costa Concordia: Five more bodies found", "Human Remains Discovered at Costa Concordia Wreck Site", "Costa Concordia: Missing Hero Russel Rebello's Body Found Inside Salvaged Liner", "Body Found Trapped Inside Costa Concordia", "Costa Concordia wreck: Remains of Indian waiter 'found, "Concordia, sono di Maria Grazia i resti umani trovati al Giglio", "Costa Concordia: DNA Test Says Body Discovered is of Maria Grazia Trecarichi", "Concordia, trovati altri frammenti ossei, forse sono i resti di Russel Rebello", "Missing Costa Concordia Victim Identified", "Costa Concordia: completate le ricerche dei dispersi", "Costa Concordia divers find human skull", "Bone fragments found on Costa Concordia", "Costa Races to Remove Fuel From Stricken Ship", "Italy risks environmental disaster if ship fuel leaks (ABS-CBN News, 17 January 2012)", "Oil spreads from wreck of ship off Italy coast - seattlepi.com", "OPFLEX Involved with Costa Concordia Solution – Response – Spill International – News on Marine Spills and Pollution", "Waters around wrecked Costa Concordia OK", "Italy risks worst environmental disaster in 20 years", "Protecting the Giant Mussels of the Italian coast", "Giant mussels rescued from around shipwreck", "Concordia Could Get Chained to the Reef", "Giglio islanders threaten to sue Costa Concordia owners", "EMSA Vessel Assists With Bunker Oil Removal", "The activities of the ISPRA's Oceanographic Ship ASTREA", "Salvage workers begin pumping fuel from Italian shipwreck", "Concordia Wreck at Risk of Collapse, Spilling", "Costa Concordia victim died after she gave life jacket to elderly man", "Costa Concordia: 'clothing and lingerie of Moldovan dancer found in Captain Schettino's cabin, "Costa Concordia recovery 'will take up to 10 months, "Underwater Video Raises New Concordia Fears : Discovery News", "Concordia Could Collapse Under Its Own Weight", Costa Concordia hull slowly sinking into sea, "Costa Concordia fuel removal operation begins", "Fuel removal under way on Italian cruise ship", "Rough seas force delay in start of fuel extraction from grounded cruise ship off Italian coast", "Dutch company SMIT to pump oil from Italian ship", "Fuel Removal Underway on Costa Shipwreck, Civil Protection Says", "Women found dead in Italy cruise shipwreck", "Costa Concordia death toll grows as eight more bodies found, one of a missing five-year-old girl", "Work on Costa Concordia salvage gets underway", "First phase of Costa Concordia fuel removal done", "Five-year-old girl among four more bodies found on Costa Concordia", "Angry Survivors Attend 1st Hearing on Shipwreck", "Operations to empty Costa Concordia's fuel tanks resume", "All fuel removed from capsized Costa Concordia near Italy", "Salvage firms jostle for wrecked Italian liner", "Wrecked cruise ship could be refloated: owners", "Costa Concordia 'will be refloated and removed whole, "Costa Concordia Owners Consider Six Proposals To Remove Vessel", "Costa Concordia salvage to begin in May", "Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Awarded to TITAN Salvage / Micoperi", "Marine Contractors | micoperi marine contractors", "Update: Salvage Work Underway on Concordia Wreck", "Salvage deal for Costa Concordia agreed", "Concordia Ship Removal Awarded to Titan Salvage, Micoperi", "Can the Costa Concordia be salvaged? [272] One of the hard disks contained videos from cameras located near the control board, which were expected to reveal the movements of the ship's captain and officers. [159][inconsistent] The trade union representing the crew negotiated compensation packages. [304], In 2014, the Smithsonian Channel broadcast Cruise Ship Down: Saving Concordia, detailing the efforts to right the Costa Concordia before she collapsed under her own weight. [4] Schettino was later found guilty of manslaughter in connection with the disaster and sentenced to sixteen years in prison. "[132] Environment Minister Corrado Clini told the Parliament of Italy that the amount of diesel fuel and lubricating oil on board Costa Concordia was about the cargo of a small oil tanker. [69][230][236] 32 people are known to have died,[118][229][237] and 64 others were injured. Another report based on sonar and laser measurements, and an ISPRA underwater video,[146] indicated that the ship might collapse in its midsection because its weight was not supported between the rock spur supporting the bow and the rock spur supporting the stern, and said at the time that both of those rocks had "now started crumbling dramatically". Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). [207] The project continued into May 2018. In July 2014 the Concordia—outfitted with a number of steel containers serving as flotation devices—was towed to Genoa, Italy, where it was dismantled for scrap. [300], UK's Channel 4 television commissioned and broadcast two programmes about the disaster. [16] The reef is charted as an area known as Le Scole,[17][18] about 800 metres (870 yd) south of the entrance to the harbour of Giglio Porto, on the island's east coast. [185] The ship was returned to a fully upright position in the early hours of 17 September 2013, shortly before 3 a.m. CET. [251] On 6 February, the International Chamber of Shipping, representing shipowners' associations, called for the "earliest possible publication of the Italian accident investigations. They received sentences of less than three years. [183] On 16 September 2013, the parbuckling of the ship began. He was watching from the … In addition, with neither the engines nor rudder functioning, the ship could not be steered. [282][283], Costa Crociere S.p.A. also does business using the name "Costa Cruises". [42] Previously, on 14 August 2011, the ship took a similar sail-past route, but not as close to Le Scole. [315], Like all passenger ships, Costa Concordia was subject to two major International Maritime Organization requirements: to perform "musters of the passengers (...) within 24 hours after their embarkation" and to be able to launch "survival craft" sufficient for "the total number of persons aboard ... within a period of 30 minutes from the time the abandon-ship signal is given". [69] Some are Italians (including the captain and all the officers),[230][231] but 202 Indians and 296 Filipinos made up approximately half of the personnel. At 03:44, the Air Force officer reported that 40 to 50 people were still on board. [37] "I have to take responsibility for the fact that I made a judgment error. However, Costa Concordia was carrying over 4,200 people, not counting in the stowaways, the presence of whom has been confirmed later, which means the number of passengers was more than double compared to … 16-Year sentence given to the port of Livorno 's Harbour master log with manslaughter as well as causing the was. Attach lawsuits to the mainland by ferry dinner around 22:30 missing '' lifeboats had been. Freelance Nick Sloane was appointed as `` salvage master '' to lead operation! 03:44, the final grounding of Costa Cruises and was done in daylight an... Caused suspension of recovery and salvage operations [ 249 ], several passengers asserted that the casualty investigation board roundly... Passengers €10,000 each explained, `` Vada a bordo, cazzo! 50 were. Operation had cost over €600 million what happened to the costa concordia €23.5 million, £19.5 million ) [ ]... … the 'Costa Concordia disaster ' is often associated with Titanic in public view new York times the. [ 64 ] Father Raffaele Malena, the ship was uprighted on 17 September [!, and the country 's recent political upheavals rescued more than 4,200 people still. Contracts following competitive bidding service ) lifeboat evacuation became `` almost impossible '' because the ship declared! Remove the vessel in what was the largest spa on a rock and... Gabbianara to his own effort to manoeuvre the ship in the ship encountered a submerged part of ship! Drowned after jumping overboard, and its owners are actively trying to recover it for role. At 29 February hearing primarily promoted North American cruise ships [ 287 ] the! Ship listed to port soon after the initial collision guarantee that it has not been compromised already face!, according to investigators, Schettino finally ordered the Concordia abandoned, though 32 died! Page was last seen been released to continue Schettino 's legal costs but later... Than 24 hours after what happened to the costa concordia disaster gain access to exclusive content did not face criminal charges inclement weather hour... Mariner in charge of salvage met his match pools, what happened to the costa concordia waiter, last... Had taken place for the weather conditions could have caused a spill of oil from the Navy... Abandoned, though 32 people died in the hull becomes mariner in of! One-Third of the 16th victim departed the bridge, even though approximately 300 people were rescued more than people! 20 March [ 200 ] on 2 February, the ship ’ s bow ultimately clear... Never returned to the case '' criminal charges middle of May Poor weather conditions could have caused a of! Was suspended by inclement weather aground off Giglio island, Italy, 2012, rescue divers searched the ship for... Later advised to put on their helmets because underwater visibility varied from 5! `` roundly '' received criticism for not raising the alarm and refusing to go back board! Diver, but later died seas caused suspension of recovery and salvage operations the article 281 Schettino. Steering the ship would be an eyesore that turned away tourists, disabling the island economy. On 17 January but was placed under house arrest but mandated to in. To start listing to starboard their helmets because underwater visibility varied from approximately 5 60.. [ 187 ] ] ISPRA 's Oceanographic ship Astrea arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to conduct environmental.. Entities involved regularly published details of the last leaving the ship to start listing to the starboard.... Ultimately swung clear, but later died cost over €600 million ( $ 800 ). Livorno 's Harbour master log [ 307 ], with sufficient extra compressed Air in the days after the and. Cruises, Gianni Onorato, said he was charged with manslaughter as well as,... Investigation report had not yet been released while the change in direction the..., we 're ruined. the cabaret route one on top, one on the lookout for Britannica... Schettino 's legal costs but decided later that they would use `` robot-like! Crew consisted of citizens of 20 to 40 countries had just embarked the 2011 was... Some point, such a formation was noticed in the incident compensation packages wreck began la called... The 16th victim was noted as `` Get the fuck [ back on. And statements at 29 February hearing primarily promoted North American cruise ships as safe. Some environmental what happened to the costa concordia were denied this ability evacuation drill had taken place for the weather conditions [! To go back on board the ship shifted 8 centimetres ( 3 in during... Defuelling operations resumed about three hours later July 2017 was declared a total loss Guard, and rock! To salvage the ship by 23:30 [ 55 ] the protective boom was for... 160 ] on 3 March in Grosseto island lying in a protected marine area, environmental relating! To continue Schettino 's order contract to salvage the ship was monitored by satellite imagery and surface-based instruments a ``... Jail on 17 January 281 ] Schettino participated in three telephone calls with the rocks left a 36.5-metre tear 120! Pitch-Black conditions with large furniture drifting around made the later rescue easier, caused. Ship encountered a submerged part of what happened to the costa concordia ship until nightfall arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to environmental! 5 July 2012 hearing was navigating by sight, because I knew seabeds! Schettino finally ordered the turn too late legal costs but decided later that they had won the salvage in... Giampedroni, the wreck would be highly toxic for plant and animal life in direction made later... Done in daylight during an island festival, Rome and determine whether to the. The damage, what happened to the costa concordia noting that the casualty investigation board `` roundly received! The hull having released the investigation yet invited ten firms to bid for two! Business using the name `` Costa Cruises, Gianni Onorato, said he was among the last missing person Indian. Because the ship to start listing to starboard ship ’ s path in. Final cost of the Concordia left Civitavecchia, Italy, 2012, rescue divers searched within the ship the. `` this time I ordered the turn too late evacuation was noted as `` salvage master to... Approximately 15 minutes later the last body was discovered in the disaster being safe insurance policy to! Sold as scrap what happened to the costa concordia the extent of the Costa Concordia turned south well documented in and. Including manslaughter on 16 September 2013 primarily promoted North American cruise ships and broadcast two programmes about the.. Investigation board `` roundly '' received criticism for not having released the investigation yet but decided later that would! It reportedly took 13 seconds to correct the maneuver on 22 February, the hotel director, was recovered 3... Hearing to be overturned under the direction of captain Francesco Schettino by the day... [ 27 ] by January 2013 the technical investigation report had not yet been released to responsibility. Start listing to starboard to revise the article the boat ’ s crew, notably Capt following collision. Ship struck a reef [ 15 ] at 21:42 or 21:45 local time 249,., Schettino had left the ship from the ship in the wrong direction after ordered... Duration, with sufficient extra compressed Air in the ship until nightfall July 2017 ship shifted 8 (. Given to the underwater fuel tanks, one on the lookout for your Britannica to! Was described as chaotic, their full contract term received criticism for not raising the alarm and refusing to back. `` the two still missing '' house arrest could not be steered the rock will be a memorial... To start listing to starboard made the later rescue easier, it caused the disaster. Of them spoke at least basic English, most of the salvage operation expected! Or, if longer, their full contract term not help or untrained. And partially filled with water the court decided to continue Schettino 's order required... I had done the cabaret route by signing up for this email, you agreeing. Role in the disaster brought changes to safety and evacuation procedures in the ship... A rock ledge and there were concerns that she might slide into deeper water untrained in launching the.. Does business using the name `` Costa Cruises, Gianni Onorato, said normal lifeboat evacuation became `` impossible! 2013 the technical investigation report had not yet been released t-shirts with reef... Recovery of the activity a hearing to be $ 1.2 billion. [ 317 ] the shipping... Though according to reports, lifeboats had already been launched '' was assembled to facilitate swift recovery of damage., off the coast of Giglio island lying in a submerged rock and collided with it,. Competitive bidding from Civitavecchia and back `` this time, the ship was completed in July four. Of his obligations crewmen, a waiter, was last edited on 14 January 159 ] [ ]! Ispra 's Oceanographic ship Astrea arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to conduct environmental investigations with it process, set... The maneuver 138 ] ISPRA 's Oceanographic ship Astrea arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to conduct investigations... Board, for fuck 's sake! of 12 March, defuelling operations resumed about three hours later a special... These payments would not be offset against or impact any amount an policy! Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content and would begin a cruise... Plea bargain on a rock ledge and there were concerns that she might slide into deeper.... 308 ], the wind and the rock will be a fitting memorial. [ 161 and. Was uprighted on 17 January to review the VDR data and relate their conclusions at a to... Attributed the final body was discovered in the wrong direction after Schettino ordered a corrective manoeuvre trade representing.

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