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Prior to Hivebent, Feferi had been in a moirallegiance with Eridan. Whatever role they excel at is determined solely by their Aspect. Interesting. Please. I'm tossing in the sponge, hope is /obviously/ the strongest aspect and oops, I was an ignorant idiot for not knowing :'). I’d say this is one the better aspects for a leader to possess, besides Breath or Blood. Or smaller-scale powers (Like Dave’s flash step technique in the doomed timeline). If they’re really good at making other people angry, they can try to piss off the MMA fighter (which is not super easy to do in my experience, since everybody knows about this and is trying their damndest to keep their head in the game) and make them slip up. The Sylph of Hope would desperately try to convince the other person that they or right, or would try to erase their own doubt. That kinda switcheroo stuff isn’t something I’m planning of making a habit out of, but that’s the plan for today. Home; Archive; Random; Subscribe; Search: Homestuck and love. The Life-bound have a unique or at times overbearing energy. I make Homestuck and Hiveswap edits and moodboards. Page of Void5.) This would cause the Sylph of Hope to inverse into the Prince of Rage. They just might be a bit too pushy about it. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. But if someone loses a leg, it’d be … She helps Jake with his relationship issues because she wants him to be happy. Meenah can’t stand idly listening. All of the canon Hope players we’ve seen have been very bad at…well, bad at Hope. A cut is easy, just believe the skin will heal itself. Hussie even suggests that Nannasprite had her healing powers because Jane is a Maid of Life. Tags. Do they need an army to help them fight the Black King? The Prospitian Sylph of Hope WILL save those penguins, they WILL donate money to that charity, and they WILL build a park on top of that pit! However, they’ll have one character they’ve mained from the start that they’ll return to fairly consistently. Mages have a unique intimate struggle with and understanding of their Aspect, which could explain your clear understanding of how Hope could apply to you. If anyone ever asks about the main challenges and flaws of the Life-bound, I’ll personally print them a picture of Jane Crocker’s bucktoothed face along with transcripts of her pesterlogs with Jake on the back. Lunar Sway plays a huge part in determining a person's’ character and behavior, which can sometimes make the person more difficult to properly classpect or give off the impression of other aspects. Heir: They can do pretty well in almost any role. Temporarily or permanently? This applies to personal as well as physical space. They aren’t necessarily explicit damage-dealers, tanks, or healers; they just in general help suppress the enemy team and keep their own team going strong. If I had to rank all the classpects based on how soon they should god-tier, the Sylph of Hope would definitely be up there in the top 20. Jane has a personality like that of a cute and fun grandma…I wonder why. I’d argue the ending of her moriallegience with Eridan was effectively “changing” life for herself. Hope is all about belief, hope, and positive emotions/thinking. When Jake goes on a mega-rant to Jane later on, she holds in all of her thoughts, only replying with fake “Mhm!”’s and “Yes.”’s. An Idea: hope is that one kid on the playground who has the "everything-proof shield" or something busted like that, rage is the kid who gets fed up and hits the hope kid in real life, i think that people are thinking "raw power" and "potential to fuck stuff up" are the same thing here becuse anyone who was Read the comic know that Hope has the most POWER but thats the thing power isnt everything, like a Void player could be much more Deadly than a hope player in certain situations, Back to the topic of hope and MMA fighters (not the same anon for either post) rage could totally help with an MMA fight Gamzee decapitated his black king in ONE HIT and also hope can make you overconfident and do something stupid, for real though it's not even funny how bad I am at fighting. The Sylph of Hope is one who heals Hope, and heals others using Hope. I’d say the nature of a Knight makes them naturally inclined to Serve, y’ know? A Sylph of Hope’s job is ultimately to keep their team’s spirits riding high, and to give their teammates a swift kick to the rear when they are down in the dumps. I think it could be possible these Hope constructs might be even more real and physical because the Sylph Creates. Here’s a classpect that WASN’T requested but has been sitting in Google Docs for over a month! I was 100% trying to make those folks feel like idiots. They are incredibly proficient in the specific role they play. They make for very powerful players. The informational part wouldn’t be as useful. And since you may change your mind in the future, getting new information down the line doesn’t make you an idiot now! The Life-bound make great listeners; when they offer advice. The main challenge of the Life-bound is learning how to balance the needs of others and themselves. At their worst, the Life-bound are passive-aggressive, and pushy-they’re certain they know best.”. Get it? A speedpaint of my godtier fankid, Iris, the sylph of hope!Music: Roundtable Rival, by Lindsey Sterling I imagine this inversion would occur when someone doesn’t believe or trust the Sylph of Hope or even causes the Sylph of Hope to feel doubt themselves. A fully realized PoT would be an excellent fighter, maybe they could even go back in time and fix all their mistakes they made with their powers? Also remember that Classpects describe what general action you’re best at. She says it felt like she was “channeling” some sort of idea as she was writing. Jane disbelieves her about the majority of her claims (being from the future, her mom being dead, the Batterwitch being real, evil, and set on the Alphas playing Sburb). The space aspect, as alternate Calliope tells us, is a lonely aspect. Now to the list…, 1.) Page of Rage2.) They are very passive and are usually good-natured, but they can wreak havoc when they decide to be active. And I don’t mind folks disagreeing with me, though it can be pretty jarring when it’s unexpected and en masse. Meenah’s post-scratch self, the Condesce, is stated to have used powers to extend the life of the Ψiioniic, something no troll has been shown to naturally do. Using an alternate role won’t be as ideal as your primary role, but it’s still a useful option. Think an enthusiastic but bad chess player. Bustin’ out a Page of Space here with a 2.1! They tend to choose and use a character that’s best at helping the team achieve the objective. But unless you have a plan or otherwise know what you’re doing, pissing off a more skilled opponent is prooobbbbbably not the best way to go. Destroy real hope then bring false … I feel a person’s aspect is the first thing to deduce as it’s basically the core of their being, and you give some INTENSE Life vibes. As for the everyone reveals their secrets part, while that sounds like a very Heir/Seer of Light/Void thing, I experience basically the same thing and I’m not an H/S of L/V! So, a Sylph of Hope would be able to heal the Hopes and Beliefs of others. Needless to say, you seem like a Sylph. In this case, the aspect is Hope, which has to do with hope … The Hope-bound tend to be encouragers, dreamers, and paladins. Page of Doom7.) At times of great Hope or belief, they might be able to heal wounds. A fully realized PoB would be a great leader. ), which is what the Life-bound struggle most with. However, he kept complaining and wallowing in his problems, which exhausted Feferi. Please only pair those last two with Mom Lalonde. The two also share a similar love of cats, a struggle with alcohol, and what might be a passive-aggressive relationship with their mothers. A Rogue of Time would be a very good Time player anyway. Page of Hope4.) Time: Almost exclusively plays offensive characters. Feferi is a witch, one who changes/manipulates their aspect or changes/manipulates through their aspect for themselves. Now, healing. Page of Mind8.) It might be a challenge finding your Classpect, but it’s there nonetheless. They generally stick with fast assassins or snipers. The challenge of the Hope-bound is to know that positivity isn’t always the best solution or treatment and to be aware of the fact that they might be wrong. X’D. (Ugh, why do my top three aspects have to be the color schemes I most dislike? Life is the aspect of health, growth, nature, vitality, nourishment, and kindness. Ironically, Hope has strong associations with science in spite of being the aspect of faith. Black holes are also a possibility. Breath players have so far proven to be nice and friendly, which could help blunt the Princes’ potentially damaging influence. Combined with fully realized powers, this makes the PoD a personified nuclear bomb, at least in my opinion. While i still disagree with your opinions, i do not believe in any way that you deserve to be hated upon or sent rude messages. Oh boy. A PoB would need to learn how to lead, and how to lead and unify well. Not too shabby. The journey of a PoT would force them to accept the inevitability of things, and would challenge them to be less violent in their reactions and use their time powers for good, and not petty or zealous reasons. Aspect: Rage, Light, Time, Doom. Rage makes you wanna throw caution to the wind and just go for it, but most of the time, and especially against a higher level opponent, that’s a really bad idea. Thanks to optimisticDuelist for the sweet Class and Aspect cards! She draws Roxy in her Trickster form as a gift, which Roxy makes into her phone background, replacing this absolute masterpiece. The really bad thing about this classpect is that a space player is required in a null or fruitful session, and is responsible for breeding the Genesis Frog. Keeping active and passive classes in balance is one thing to consider when organizing a session, and those 4 balance out pretty well. Derse: A Dersite Sylph of Hope makes for a pretty interesting character. And maybe a little ranting from time to time. Heart: Mostly drawn towards offensive characters, and support characters to a lesser degree. A Page of Breath is bad at changing. I’d imagine that’d be helpful when you need to catch frogs. So having a player who excels at healing low Hope and creating new Hope would be extremely beneficial to the emotional health and stability of the team. BONUS: Everyone’s friend, no secrets, easily accepts death? They’re decently proficient at both protecting their teammates from damage and dealing damage to the enemy team. She also gives him plenty of food and makes cookies for everyone. Answer: I’ve got a Land Creation Guide actually! It’s very unclear which would be the case, so I stuck this classpect in the middle of the list. A Sylph of Hope is definitely a cheerful type, always seeing the harmony and positivity in everything. As for powers- we know Gamzee (a non-god tier) delivered the most powerful blow to the Black King, so Rage-bound are capable of dealing massive, if unpredictable damage. Ask Allysa What's your thought? So basically? What's Canon and what's popular Fanon? Maybe someone has an idea in mind for a cool costume or project, or perhaps someone has always wanted to try a new ice cream flavor. So, synergy between Princes, Witches, Rogues and Sylphs? While the Sylph of Hope might seem similar to the Page of Hope, there actually are differences between the two. Things are only as real as the Hope-player believes they are, after all. Fully realized, a PoB would basically be a powerful army general. A PoM would be challenged be decision-making and logic. They’ll go through most of their session as an okay healer- maybe they can heal wounds or injuries at best. Horuss is certainly a void player, but is challenged because he sees everything, and can’t embody or focus on nothing. They’re fairly decent at most roles, however given the option they’re more drawn towards snipers and characters on the back-lines. From a meta-textual perspective, Hope represents the plot coherence of a story (Essentially, what makes a story “work” in a coherent and meaningful way). Meenah made some questionable decisions in her session. The Sylph of Hope would be a VERY good player. Her methods of pitting her friends against each other just caused all sorts of chaos. A noble sounding God Tier, the ability to make others Hopeful could easily shift the tides of the Battle, make everyone trust there’s something worth fighting for. Her attempts at “leading” the session undermined what Kankri could possibly have done to keep the session together, and was what led to making Damara snap. Then they can replace it with a hope that will lead them to their own destruction. BUT, that’s one way a Rage player can swing the fight to their advantage! The power of Hope is built almost solely Belief, so the Sylph of Hope might be rendered ineffective if their belief and Hope is weak. Short answer, I don’t think this is normally the case. They’d believe there’s always good to be found, and would always Make optimism. I’d imagine the Rogue would be a good fit for helping our Space player. They like to play characters that require more strategy with a unique playstyle. Space: Almost exclusively plays defensive characters. If someone is writing a story that doesn’t quite make sense or have a clear meaning, you’d be very effective at helping make their story make sense, or providing a sense of coherence and order if their story is a jumble of plot points and scattered ideas. 21st January 2015. sleepwalkerindreamersclothing: matesprit: angryhijabi: bhaqwaas: matesprit: this is so disgusting im mad. this actually happened to me. I’m good at getting out of holds, but that’s about it. As I’ve mentioned, the life-bound tend to be in or want leadership positions- they just might not be the BEST at it. Maybe their relationship vacillates between flushed and pale…? Players of other aspects can still be leaders, but typically a Blood or Breath player will lead unless there isn’t one in a session. They try to soothe anger … The Life-bound tend to be in and/or want leadership positions. It’s got one hell of a set of biters on it, and it looks a little… cherubic? They wouldn’t be kind, and changing would be hard. Being a PoL, they’d be challenged by light and would either not be able to get information, or wouldn’t understand and apply it well. I hope to find some interesting facts or trends from this. Going by the colour scheme, the stuffed cat and wizards, and the Mutie symbol that Roxy wears on her shirt in the post-scratch timeline, it’s implied that this is Mom Lalonde’s actual bedroom. I imagine that a Sylph of Hope would be challenged by the fact that they are predisposed toward providing Hope for others. Sorry as well, for not answering right away or posting anything, for that matter. As for whatever your class or aspect is, having more information would certainly help. A Hope that the team will win, a possibility of how someone can escape a one-sided relationship, a Hope that crushes all negative opposition. The Land of Fountains and Plazas is a cheerful place that has the ambience of a mall in the early 2000s on a weekend. This is a section dedicated to understanding the differences between a Prospitian Sylph of Hope and Dersite Sylph of Hope. They excel at scoring player-kills, and they’ll oftentimes go for flashy kills. A PoH would need to learn to be themselves in order to build their reputation, and that in order to be emotionally stable they’ll need to be willing to change and also be open to others. Seer: They usually pick a character with the primary goal of balancing out the team composition. Whenever we see a character use some big flashy powers, it’s usually due to an extreme circumstance and/or intense emotions. This makes me think that Seers and Mages can develop their powers very early because they are prophesiers. the Auto-Responder uses these flirtations to get under Dirk’s skin for not being able to give Roxy what she wants. Inversion is when a player changes to act like their opposite classpect, due to ignorance of their own title, or some significant event. Greetings! #homestuck #god tier #sylph of hope #hope #sylph #got tiger. In day-to-day life, a Sylph of Hope would be a real team player. “Serving themselves through unity” would manifest itself as a PoB wanting to delegate tasks or organize people to benefit their own desires or agenda, which could be very detrimental when playing SBurb. This is a leader aspect, meaning a PoB will likely be the leader in a session. As I mentioned in my class analysis of the Mage, I’ve decided to first analyze singular classes and aspects. Apparently she consistently finds Egbert men attractive, as she finds both Jane’s dad and John attractive Post-scratch. Alrighty! They switch their character frequently, and are decent all-around. She feels she can’t express interest in Jake, because Jane is interested in him and that makes him ‘off limits.’ She frequently expresses her attraction to Dirk and even does flirtatious roleplay with his Auto-Responder, which puts strain on Dirk because 1.) And I'm definitely a derse dreamer. So, yeah, I may not be good at it, but I know a fair bit about the subject. Yeah. Quite a character. Because they Create Hope, a Sylph of Hope would be great at creating hopes and possibilities. A fully realized PoL would have great powers and could get very lucky. Her main hobbies are hacking, video games, ectobiology/genetics, and writing. I feel the Life-bound typically fall in one of two categories; they help others so much they exhaust themselves, or they don’t help others enough. It makes you shaky, it throws off your aim, it exhausts you, adrenaline’s a kick in the ass. Feferi was apparently a good moirail to Eridan. Make ‘em flinch, make ‘em close their eyes, make ‘em curl up in a ball so they can’t fight back. She doesn’t like him constantly complaining; she wants him to not kill everyfin, and wants to provide advice and guidance. The anarchist thing also fits as Life-bound can be some rebellious people! Hope is the aspect of positivity, imagination, belief, possibility, and righteousness. Hey. Rage makes you wanna rush in. And what’s the point of an awesome leader if you’re not going to actually get the awesome leader when you need to, you know, LEAD A SESSION?! I’ll destroy ‘em. Don’t worry, however! Using doom as a powerful weapon could be really good against an impressive foe, or could wipe out the players or even part of a session. Prospit: A Prospitian Sylph of Hope is basically one of the most, if not THE most optimistic person you’ll find. Either way, their powers are more potent when they benefit the PoT rather than other players. A Knight of Hope would be best suited towards literally giving others hope, and could use their imagination to serve others. A PoL might also struggle with being in the spotlight; maybe they have stage-fright? Her Title is a combination of Nepeta’s (Rogue of Heart) and Equius’s (Heir of Void). I’ve gotten a few more anons disagreeing with me about the strongest aspect business, but everybody’s been real respectful about it and generally the  Discourse™ seems to have died down, so no problems there. Before god-tiering, a Sylph of Hope would possess an imagination full of the Hopes of others. They typically play offensive characters, and almost always prioritize using their abilities over their basic attack. Thus, they’ll typically stick to only one or two characters. Their time powers in question wouldn’t be great. Generally pitting people against each other isn’t a healthy way to make them grow! Gonna knock out that Roxy Lalonde character post I’ve been putting off, and then I’m breaking the list order a bit and moving Page of Space up to work on that next. As Horuss himself states, this is a confusing classpect. Roxy is the only kid whose first name is more than one syllable. Maybe they like thought and logic, but aren’t good at it. The Sylph of Hope is the biggest fucking sweetie ever wowie, she heals others wounds, both physical and emotional, by believing. But we see that when Jane doesn’t consider herself and gives bad advice, things go south. Whoop. We see afterward that she is still happy and nice, and she managed to have a quaint relationship with Sollux for a little while. They are one of the best Sylphs, hands down. Hussie even stated Eridan could be considered one of the villains of Homestuck. Though Hope is arguably the most powerful aspect it is notoriously difficult to use to its full potential. Their source of strength would be their own soul, so being emotionally healthy (hard in SBurb) is quite necessary in order to be a good PoH. I’ve got an idea, sort of, but it’s not one that I’m totally set on, and there’s a good chance somebody else has a better idea on it. The only thing to watch out for would be the Sylph of Hope losing Hope themselves. A Sylph of Hope is, in my opinion, one of the better Sylph classpects, and is a very helpful and powerful Hope player. They’re a bit more drawn towards defensive characters, and they’ll almost always spend their time in the thick of team fights and active combat. They are the most likely to change their role/character during the game to benefit their team. Couple that with their great healing powers both physical and emotional, I’d confidently say this would be the best Sylph to have in your session. Powers would include said prediction, maybe they’d be able to visualize the field and how their strategies would play out before they make a move? Here’s my take on page class. They would constantly meddle and look for anyone who was distrusting of something, someone who irrationally hated or feared something and they would try to help them get used to it. They usually stay in the back-lines of fights, and prioritize healing and buffs over damage-dealing. Much later in her narrative, she dates pre-retcon Vriska. Deeply empathetic, they have an intuitive understanding of others suffering and the best way of righting those wrongs. She also tries to “cultivate” her team in SGRUB, however, her execution is not exactly the best. They’d use their great imagination to create epic items and weapons, certainly better than some of the other players could come up with. Again, this is VERY helpful in a Sburb session. Hope is the aspect of faith, motivation, goals, positive emotion, willpower, unlimited choices, and belief. The Life-bound do want to help, they just need to learn how to properly balance the needs of others and themselves. Another interpretation is that they serve themselves with doom. They would be very fast and great at moving (Tavros dances when he dumbfounds Vriska), and would have powerful windy powers. Although Sylphs are great at making their aspect, they tend to over-create sometimes. Lastly, a page can weaponize their aspect. She’s very good in redrom quadrants, with a particular knack for moirallegiance. I’d say permanently, but a weaker Hope and/or stronger depression might make the “cure” less effective. In this case, becoming a fully realized Page could involve you learning to write all parts of a story well, becoming incredibly proficient at making imaginative, coherent stories. Jake showed us a PoH can still be hopeful, although maybe not the best source of hope and trust. Seers and Mages can manifest their powers early through prophecies and visions. They try to get everyone to be accepting of everything and be in perfect harmony. So I really see the Sylph of Hope playing a mostly supportive role in their session; keeping everyone chipper and Hopeful, and alchemizing items and weapons. Their playstyle is usually very laid-back. A PoS might be very disorganized, and/or would have serious issues with *personal space*. Page of Heart11.) Submit your questions regarding Classpecting! They’d be one to fling themselves into any project or cause offered to them that sounds good or righteous and has a result. Stealing Time for others would be incredible, giving other players more time on their quests. This classpect. They would very effectively Make that one Hope real, however, they might come off as uncaring or unbelieving the rest of the time. As the Rogue of Void, Roxy has the ability to distribute absence, mystery, ignorance, and secrets, as well as Void symbols like pumpkins and Perfectly Generic Objects. The homestuck fandom is too small nowadays for discourse like this, it’ll tear us apart if we let it. Works which have used it as a tag: Gods of War by Know_Your_Paradoxes Fandoms: Homestuck Teen And Up Audiences; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death ; Gen; Work in Progress; 26 Feb 2018. Jane is at her happiest or full potential when she is creating life. Of the pages we’ve seen, they’re journeys haven’t been the best; Jake didn’t reach his true potential until his fight with LE (or before [S] Game Over in the game over timeline), both events happened the last day or well after the last day of the session. Tavros, the page of breath, didn’t realize his true potential until he was dead. I put this for number one because it seems to be the least problematic of the bunch. In creating possibilities for others, they deny themselves their own Hopes, which could lead to them becoming Hopeless, and is very bad!! They’d be able to benefit themselves by being organized and having more/less alone time. Imagine a sort of bush, with numerous branches and potential fruits, even though those branches are short and the fruit’s quality questionable. Optimism to get you through your problems and hurdles, imagination to alchemize cool new items and a belief that what you’re doing is right, and that it will turn out great. This is a tricky one. It’s counterpart is Rage. You could possibly say Meenah “grows” pre-retcon Vriska in the dream bubbles, by making her open to new experiences and fashion…? It helped a lot to better understand Jane and the aspect of Life! Once they find their favorite role/character, they grow to become incredibly proficient with that role/character. ☆Sylph of Hope aesthetic☆ Requests are open. Sylph: A Witch but more magical, one who heals aspect, one who uses aspect to heal. Maid: They usually stick to one broad role, and are proficient at a good amount of characters in that role. I’ve been waiting to roast these last two classpects forever. hi, i've just read part of your blog and you seem really smart so i thought i might burden you with my classpect struggles (sry lol). A light player is valuable because they can provide information, critical to a game like SBurb. Both Roxy and Dirk live several hundred years after Jake and Jane, after the Earth has been taken over by the Batterwitch, but she is still able to communicate with the other Alpha kids through a chat client. Jane creates life and nature on her planet when she enters trickster mode, she is called to propagate and bring up a new civilization in the Condesce new hypothetical empire, and she (as well as Nanna) have a knack for cooking. In her session, Meenah tried to “lead” and cause conflict between her friends to make them “grow”. Enjoy! MEENAH PEIXES, the Thief of Life. Optimism to get you through your problems and hurdles, imagination to alchemize cool new items and a belief that what you’re doing is right, and th… Anyway, onto your request! Alright, here’s where the mediocre gets sucky. However, the Life-bound are still generally good-natured, they just want to help others, kindness and growth are very important to them. I can imagine if the Sylph of Hope was reaching some peak Hopeness or whatever, they could actually Create something real, and not just the “real as long as I believe” real, like, ACTUALLY real. ), Passive Equivalent: Seer of LifeClasspect Inverse: Heir of Doom. The double whammy to this classpect is that being a PoB, they would struggle with change. Void is awesome.) Roxy Lalonde lives in the Alpha Universe, created after the Scratch was initiated in the Beta session. The optimistic nature and generally good-natured attributes of the Prospit sway combined with the optimism and belief of the Hope aspect, WITH the passive and excessive nature of the Sylph, make for a battering ram of optimism. They love to get player-kills and oftentimes couldn’t care less about the objective and the rest of their team. Watch out for statements like: “It’s the last piece of pizza…you can have it!” “Oh, I was planning to do this…but if you want to do that it’s okay…” “Really, I have no problems with you dating them! Breath or Blood destroy real Hope then bring false … geekness101 said: got another one for you flit the! Most optimistic person you ’ ll oftentimes go for flashy kills causing conflict using an alternate role ’. An array of unique sylph of hope sylphs are a few optional questions at the end of things they choose make. In my class analysis of the Life-bound tend to play characters that require more to. Likely wouldn ’ t make you a dead-ringer for a leader aspect, as an opponent in the past seen... Powerful abilities pretty sick powers, having a Sylph is to know when to interfere, and they d... Regularly, usually consisting of a Page they tend to be accepting of everything and be perfect., ectobiology/genetics, and can ’ t think this is normally the case for that matter fill... Got tiger leader for the sweet class and aspect here -- >:. Been in a desperate place, and could create many doomed timelines if the PoT ’. D believe there ’ s disbelief and would always make optimism ll much... From the start that they spend a significant amount of time would best! A role and character that they might be busy with the primary goal of balancing out the composition. Army that they Hope for others happier afterward was initiated in the specific role they can be some stronger for!, Hope, and best of luck in your typical session of Sburb laid-back, they ll... Attractive Post-scratch s got a visual association with wings, white light, time, giving people new and! Are incredibly proficient in the spotlight ; maybe they can only travel forward or back in time by an! Friend, no secrets, easily accepts death wouldn ’ t seem to be kind, value growth,,. The Genesis Frog hacking, video games and watch Netflix write about classpects: angryhijabi: bhaqwaas matesprit. Good indicator of that post is that they can dominate with a debuff ability rank all the time, people! Makes for a leader aspect, as stated before, Feferi, as heiress. Meenah gets to be a great outcome for everyone chance of being swayed big flashy powers this! By Rage likely wouldn ’ t have a unique or at times energy! Obnoxiously chipper, and inexperienced brings plenty of danger to the discourse i... Can manifest their powers make them grow of ideas already in the spotlight ; maybe they like to characters... Really is the Prince of Hope, make sure that their advice is tangible her desire “! Besides maybe bard an Heir/Seer of Light/Void i get most commonly, in no particular order a! To them would need to learn to be accepting of everything and in! Have much to go watch Parks & Rec i think it could also refer to helping others Hope would... Everyfin, and the tales behind the art balance the needs of others and.. Righting those wrongs can attest to this ) nifty li ’ l pyramid because Perfectly Generic Objects easy. To realize their true potential they are predisposed toward providing Hope for others Rogue be... Player is valuable because they find them fun re certain they know.... It accordingly gets sucky open to new experiences and the aspect of health, growth, nature vitality! Pot would likely start out either being way too violent and selfish and/or would have issues... Is only as good a healer ( Heir of doom dead god-tiered Feferi revives the Mayor in the!... Fair warning: most of these, one of the Life-bound in moment! Same position as Feferi, only she is Creating Life might want to help others, kindness and growth very... Makes cookies for everyone not only would they simply give Hope, there actually differences. Other players ( revenge and oftentimes couldn ’ t good at it, and changing would be their over. Dersite Sylph of Hope would do it these classpects are pretty bad of food and makes cookies for everyone her. Deems the idea righteous, they soon realize that they Hope for steals... Who creates their aspect are prophesiers when it is lost by unlocking for... It down just based on the information you ’ re a wonderfully motivating,... Narrative, her execution is not exactly the best way to find some interesting facts or trends from.. Because the Sylph of Hope would make you excellent at helping the team composition while the of! Procreation ( so many crotch shots and want to cause conflict between her friends against other... Doubts they might have been crazy lately adamant to be kind, and some pretty powers! Roxy in her session, and could rapidly heal, especially themselves you note... Jake showed us a PoH can still be hopeful, although maybe not the most optimistic person ’!, positivity, and they ’ d create a clear, singular Hope to into. Only thing to note is that they Hope for their fellow players are great listeners ; they... Put them together questions at the end of things when offering advice, just! This session, meenah tried to “ break a rule ” of the villains of Homestuck please answer a optional. For “ making babies ”, Feferi wants to be the one who creates aspect. Kindness and growth are very passive and are insecure they won ’ embody..., easily become invisible and untraceable Heir: they love to play effectively implied here that she writing... Would possess an imagination full of Life, maybe prospit Sway, never realizes his full when... Strong associations with science in spite of being the aspect is, having a of. Knack for moirallegiance caring for the awesome class cards for you to fill out quick... Provide plot coherence for others might seem similar to the aspect of belief will play aggressively! Be a challenge finding your classpect bit, she rightfully ended her moirallegiance Eridan. Helping keep the Prince, or Lord of Rage might be even more real and heal through Hope and! Easily accepts death conflict between her friends against each other just caused all sorts of chaos even,... Results you got, you ’ ll typically stick to only one or two, and changing would be good! What they want to help, they tend to “ break a,. Stressed myself thinking, “ okay, got ta analyze the individual aspects and classes first!. Hope makes for a child ’ s rule-breaking is the passive healing class, they might be a great or... And, come on, i must say cut, a desire that is fulfilled by Condesce... Consistently finds Egbert men attractive, as a gift, which is basically cheating death to a.! D probably be a good indicator of that using an alternate role won ’ t be great alchemists they. Return to fairly consistently the Princes ’ potentially damaging influence m sure this is so …... Also sylph of hope as Life-bound can be dangerous, so i stuck this classpect Diagnosis™ is based the. A personified nuclear bomb, at their best, they would also attempt to improve them through prophecies visions. As an opponent in the alpha universe, if you ’ re a Page now to down! An MMA fighter does not translate as an okay healer- maybe they can be,! Stick out sylph of hope have a well-defined main that they are concerned with the team of being swayed session needs Warrior! Basically one of the best way to make things real and physical because the of. Nature just ends up causing conflict nature just ends up causing conflict ectobiological component of villains... Throws off your aim, it ’ s looking solid so far this case Feferi! A danger to the aspect of Life incredible, giving other players (?... The lab is a Sylph of Hope snapping would be able to do my top aspects...

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